My name is Danielle, better known as, Danielle the Happy Medium. I am a professional evidential Medium with extensive training including holding a Diploma in Mediumship, and certificates in Guides and Psychic Mediumship. I am an internationally recognized Medium working across the UK and in several countries abroad. My biggest passion has always been to teach others to find the tools necessary to become the best they can be. I always want my students to be better than I am. I set the bar high and I know each individual has within the abilities to succeed. Students come to me from all over the world. There is always something for everyone in my classes and workshops. Perhaps you have questions or you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you’ve hit roadblocks and you’re needing guidance to move to the next level. That is where I come in to assist you along your path. I welcome you to join me in a safe and supported environment where I can teach you about the Spirit world and different techniques that will best suit you in your development. I like to instruct others using different teaching methods through discussions, workshops, Zoom classes, open circles and many others. Sharing knowledge and being as accessible to people as I can is important, which is why I launched my very own YouTube page. You can find me on YouTube at Danielle The Happy Medium, where I frequently post videos on many different topics, including live Q & A’s where I will answer questions. I have officially opened my own school, The Odd Bod School of Mediumship, which is based out of North East England. My first book, The Natural Medium: Freestyling Mediumship, was published in 2018. More books are being published, with my second and third books available for purchase September 2020. You may find me at platform demonstrations or 1:1 sittings. Through my work, bringing forth evidence and accurate detailed messages, I have shown that life really does live on. I look forward to meeting you!