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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to the official website of Danielle The Happy Medium. Danielle is fast becoming one of the nations must see mediums! Not only is she an award winner but her evidential performance has everyone on the edge of their seats.
Danielle is a professional Psychic Medium who currently tours all of the UK.  Danielle’s forte is floor events, watch as she brings comfort to people with her warmth detail and straightforward messages from the other side of life.Danielle will wow audiences with messages from loved ones in heaven!

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My Latest Products

My Latest Products

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This is a face to face or telephone reading with Danielle The Happy Medium, for 30 minutes Danielle will speak to your loved ones in heaven and bring you their messages. It’s a truly personal experience and brings love from heaven.


Reviews From The Danielle The Happy Medium Fans!

(14 August 2017 Washington). Although I didn't get a message this was my first time at a live show watching Danielle - and believe me it was 100 times better than her live stream. What a fabulous talented gift this lady has. do not rely on the live streams people do go and see her lf you get the opportunity I'll defiantly be returning - better luck next time
Lorraine Hunter
Wow.danielle was AMAZING can't wait to see her again. I seen her at washington on 14.8.17 she Connected with my nana and I was over the moon to hear from her. there were loads of people who managed to get messages which were spot on. Well do e and thank you so much danielle x
Louise Thompson
Danielle what an amazing lady you are. So much was absolutely spot on. I feel like you knew my family personally to come up with such accurate descriptions. My heart is still racing. Sorry I blubbed! xx
Debbie Dilworth
Had a letter from heaven. Everything in the letter was so true. Danielle was spot on with what she said. Parts of letter were very emotional but accurate Thank you Danielle Would recommend a letter from heaven.
Barbara Lumley Clark

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