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Danielle The Happy Medium, Owner of The Odd Bod School of Medium.

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My name is Danielle, better know as Danielle The Happy Medium, I am a professional Medium, who now holds a Diploma in Mediumship, certificates in Guides and Psychic Mediumship. I now work not only in the UK but Aboard. Danielle has worked in France in 2018, is now heading to the USA, Canada, France in OZ 2020.
Danielle is known for been down to earth, straight forward, and loves a giggle, Danielle works hard to bring forward evidence that life goes on after this life.
Danielle’s evidence mixed with detail and warmth is making her one of the must-see mediums at this time.
Danielle will be found in an SNU church near you, as Danielle continues to support SNU Churches and awareness center across the UK.
Danielle has another passion which is teaching, Danielle loves to see new up and coming Mediums, bring the proof just like she does that life goes on.
Danielle has her first book out called the Freestyle Mediumship this year 2018, which is a series of three books that she will bring out, over the next three years.
Danielle continues to teach and train, and can be found on Patreaon delivering Mediumship Theory and Mediumship Development.
Danielle really does want to make a difference.
A quote from Danielle below.

I am a normal woman, just trying to assist and guide people as much as I can. My vision for the future is far-reaching, I now have a school called The Odd Bod School of Mediumship where I can assist people in understanding more about the spirit world. I can’t promise miracles and I can’t promise that I will always get it right, but will do my very best.

Rev Sheila Black.

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Rev Sheila is an ordained Minister both in Canada with the Spiritualist Church of
Canada and in the USA with Lily Dale NY. Lily Dale is the largest Spiritual
community in North America. Sheila has been connected to Spirit her entire life.
Sheila’s experience as a Corporate Manager for 30 years has provided her
excellent leadership skills. Sheila not only managed a large work force but also
designed training for her head office. She left the Corporate world after a Near
Death Experience in a car crash. Her Spirit team has helped guide her to spend
her life working to help others strengthen their relationship with Spirit.
Rev Sheila has been working full time as a medium, healer, Spiritual teacher and
Minister since 2014. Sheila has received accreditation as both Healer and Medium
with some excellent teachers both in Canada and the US. Sheila has also received
training with tutors from Stansted University and other trainers from the UK.

Linda Bullock.

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My name is Linda Bullock and I am a working Medium and I also
discovered The Mind Map of the Subconscious which I called The Linda
Bullock Technique.
I began my mediumship development 39 years ago in 1981 when I
attended an open circle at Paignton Spiritualist Church and at the
beginning of each class, the President of the Church, Minister Lillian Hurst
told us she would open the circle in prayer and then we were to close our
eyes and meditate for 15 minutes and then she would open the circle.
This experience was the beginning of my discovering the Mind Map of the
Subconscious but that is another story.
Less than a year later I moved into a development circle for mediumship.
Of course I still had to learn how my “mental mediumship” worked and
learn the importance of discipline and dedication. I also trained as a
healer and went on to sit in a circle for trance and eventually physical
It was soon after becoming a working platform medium that I started to
teach and train other mediums. I became the President of Paignton
Spiritualist Church and set up a teaching system within the church, at first
running most of the circles myself. There was an Open Circle, an Open
Healing Circle, Awareness Group, Intermediate Group, eventually three
Development Circles, a Philosophy Group, a Meditation Circle, Beginners
Trance Circle and when students showed signs of being inspired to draw,
there was a Spirit Art Group. These circles were the foundation for
helping many mediums to fly.
In 1999 I became a recognised tutor at the Arthur Findlay College,
Stansted Hall in Essex. I have been privileged to have worked with some
great tutors over the years including Gordon Higginson, Glyn Edwards and
Eric Hatton to name just a few.
I am also a Healer Practitioner Association International (HPAI) Healer,
Trainer and Assessor.
I have travelled and taught around the UK and also Switzerland, Austria and
Germany teaching mediumship and the Mind Map of the Subconscious..