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Danielle was spot on! Danielle did say that my mam had 2 rings that she wanted me to have and check jewellery box. I said NO as they went with her. After my reading I checked her jewellery box and behold 2 rings which I completely forgot about her engagement ring and my Nana’s she wanted handed down!!

Mandy Hall

Had my first private reading with Danielle a few days ago, what a lovely bubbly lady with a lush energy. I was pleased that both sets of grandparents came through and Danielle gave me a few little pieces of information that confirmed for me it was them, she explained that she liked to do this for everyone for validation.

Donna Waugh

You brought so much reassurance and proof forward from spirit giving me answers that I needed to hear after sadly loosing my Mam/best friend such a short time were spot on I know people must say this to you daily but I can certainly say that just 30 seconds of your message you gave would have been enough for me.

Wendy Cooper

Had a letter from heaven. Everything in the letter was so true. Danielle was spot on with what she said. Parts of letter were very emotional but accurate Thank you Danielle Would recommend a letter from heaven.

Barbara Lumley Clark

Seen Danielle thursday night at the Aclet she is brilliant me and my daughter got message it was lovely and was nice to hear other people getting messages will deffo be going to more venues xx

Ann Marie Waites

Danielle what an amazing lady you are. So much was absolutely spot on. I feel like you knew my family personally to come up with such accurate descriptions. My heart is still racing. Sorry I blubbed! xx

Debbie Dilworth

Wow. Danielle was AMAZING can’t wait to see her again. I saw her at Washington on 14.8.17 she Connected with my nana and I was over the moon to hear from her. there were loads of people who managed to get messages which were spot on. Well done and thank you so much Danielle x

Louise Thompson

(14 August 2017 Washington). Although I didn’t get a message this was my first time at a live show watching Danielle – and believe me it was 100 times better than her live stream. What a fabulous talented gift this lady has. do not rely on the live streams people do go and see her if you get the opportunity I’ll definitely be returning.

Lorraine Hunter

Just received my letter from heaven. It was so nice, initials & dates were exactly right and other information that no one could of known. Well worth the money.

Angela Barron

I had a reading off Danielle tonight and she was spot on with everything she said my nana came thought also my cousin who she described down to a T.Tthank you so much Hunni your amazing keep up the good work xx

Kerry Hedley

Saw Danielle tonight and was a fantastic night. Place was packed to the brim.

Pam Barber

Had a fab reading today with Danielle, so accurate and really captured not only the looks but also the true spirit of people passed! Brilliant work and a wonderful gift you have Danielle, thank you so much x

Dianne Patterson