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"Believe in Yourself...Anything is Possible"

Danielle The Happy Medium

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My name is Danielle, now known as the award-winning Danielle The Happy Medium. I am fast becoming one of the nations must see mediums, mixing warmth, laughter and evidential information into my messages along with the famous Danielle’s personal touch!

Allow me to tell you about my exciting journey…..I realised that I was aware of the spirit world from the very early age of eight, however growing up in a family that had no spiritual background it was very hard, at times, for me to understand.

Over the years my ability has come and gone, but in 2011 after the death of my beloved Nanna Patsy, whom I do speak about often on my Facebook page and during live performances, I knew it was time for a change. My nanna came to me one night not long after she passed and told me it was time to do the thing I had been putting off for so long which is now my passion – mediumship!

I grew up in a small town called Stanley in County Durham and now live in Ferryhill with my beautiful teenage daughters, who help me with the day to day operations of my lovely family run business. I love living in this area and I love the friendly people.

Another passion of mine is being in the great outdoors. I love to travel too as you can tell from my extensive tour date locations!

I believe family is everything, and to lose any family member is very hard. That is why I believe in being positive and being the best I can be for you every single day.

Having previously worked within elderly care in the mental health industry for many years, seeing people make their passing into the next world was never something that scared me. I decided to leave my comfortable and well-paid job to begin the journey doing the very thing I love more than anything; mediumship. It was an uneasy time taking a leap of faith, however, it has most definitely been the best move I have ever made.

I was born to do this!

I am fortunate to have the ability of clear sight, feeling and knowing. I understand and can pick up people’s feelings. For those of you who have the ability, whatever it may be, I will say this…when the time is right – it will happen for you, whenever that may be….

I am a normal woman, just trying to assist and guide people as much as I can. My vision for the future is far reaching, I would love to have a school where I can assist people in understanding more about the spirit world. I can’t promise miracles and I can’t promise that I will always get it right, but will do my very best.

As my lovely new website quotes “Believe In Yourself…..Anything Is Possible”

Danielle xxx